State of the Union – We’re off to a fine start with our guests for our two-hour live radio interview this week: NASA-trained quantum astronaut Christopher Altman (vitae) and his muse, Kate Kie Russell—a professional model, serendipity spark, technology catalyst, long-term strategic planning, conference and events coordinator, DJ, host and emcee. Kate is fluent in Japanese, and a talented icebreaker into the vast, unexplored terrain of “Deep Future” thinking.

On this show we explore such erudite topics as breakthroughs in quantum entanglement and teleportation, CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, artificial intelligence and Elon Musk's Open AI initiative, magnetic thorium nuclear plasma drives, warp drives and wormholes for deep space exploration, The Tau Zero Foundation pioneering interstellar flight, multidisciplinary research institute Starlab | Deep Future, time travel and retrocausality, Pentagon field operations for the next generation of government leadership in the post-scarcity economy, outer space and inner space—and a myriad of other future trends. Christopher is working in each of these areas to transition them from deep future to present-day.

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Two-hour Live Radio Interview 
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  1. As we expand outwards to other worlds, and other stars—Earth becomes a destination, rather than just a point of origin
    — Expanding outwards to space will grant us newfound technologies to come together in sustainable communities—advanced composites, biotechnology, nanotechnology, exponentially more affordable, reusable rockets, and in-situ resource utilization (ISRU)—providing Earth a mirror with which we may more carefully consider our impact upon each other, on our environment and on the world around us. Mars and lunar colonists, and those even beyond, living together in sustainable settlements with minimal environmental footprint, in a post-scarcity economy perhaps most analogous to a greener Burning Man—Burning Mars 2026—might well look back at Earth to say " We've got things together. Now it's your turn."

    Source: Excerpt from "Inner Space, Outer Space: Inspire, Connect, Empower" – Keynote on the Long-Term Future of Spaceflight by Christopher Altman, broadcast live to 108 cities around the world. Coming soon to a city near you ...

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  2. 3d bioprinting = Immortality = go to stars