New Life for Schrodinger's Cat The observation of quantum superpositions of distinct macroscopic states by groups at Stony Brook and Delft represents a milestone in experimental quantum physics. Both teams have reported spectroscopic evidence for currents of microamps flowing through a superconducting ring in opposite directions at the same time. Physics World article by Tony Leggett.

Superconducting Quantum Bits Quantum Transport Group Superconducting devices can be used to explore the boundaries between the quantum and classical worlds, and hold potential applications in quantum information. Physics World article by Hans Mooij.


UNESCO Physics for Tomorrow The launch conference for the International Year of Physics was held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, 13-15 Jan 2005. I've recently posted a summary and photos from the event.

RSA INFOSEC Awards My briefing to the UNISCA First Committee, "Converging Technologies: The Future of the Global Information Society," was selected to receive the 2004 RSA Information Security Award for Outstanding Achievement in Government Policy. RSA Awards summaries are available online via RSA Conference website, press release and news links.