Interference in Bose-Einstein Condensates Science Javanainen comments on nondestructive measurement of relative phase difference between two separated BECs, recently conducted by Saba et al. within the Ketterle Group at MIT's Center for Ultra-Cold Atoms: "The experiments open up new ways to manipulate condensates, which are macroscopic objects, as if they were quantum mechanical entities. Measurement devices based on matter-wave interferometry are a potential application."

Quantum Interference in Time arXiv Paulus has posted a preprint of the recent temporal quantum interference experiments, widely reported earlier this month: "The conceptually most important interference experiment is the double-slit scheme, which has played a pivotal role in the development of optics and quantum mechanics. [...] We have realized an intriguing implementation of the double slit in the time domain. The observation of interference and its absence at the same time for the same electron is a beautiful demonstration of the principles of quantum mechanics."

Gaidarzhy Defends Quantized Displacement arXiv In cond-mat 0503502, Gaidarzhy et al. reply to Schwab's critical comments on the Mohanty Group's recently-reported experimental evidence of macroscopic quantum displacement in a nanomechanical oscillator: "In summary, both the objections and the premise of the comment, on the data interpretation, by Schwab et al. are not valid [...] A proper theoretical framework to understand quantized motion of a macroscopic mechanical system of 50 billion atoms, in presence of decoherence and dissipation, is yet to be developed."

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  1. Re the double-slit in time experiment, this surely is experimental evidence that that matter/energy is not just quantised over spatial dimensions (as shown by the classical double slit experiement) but over the time dimension as well! Or if you like, spacetime does have a quantum nature/is quantised.