Entanglement as a function of effective coupling between light and mirror (k) and effective duration of coupling (x-axis). Maximal entanglement is shown in red.

High-Temperature Macroscopic Entanglement PRL Via Raitio Aires Ferreira, Ariel Guerreiro, and Vlatko Vedral have published novel results on high-temperature macroscopic entanglement in Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 060407 [arXiv, physicsweb]. "Can entanglement and the quantum behavior in physical systems survive at arbitrary high temperatures? In this Letter we show that this is the case for a electromagnetic field mode in an optical cavity with a movable mirror in a thermal state [...] Entanglement between a macroscopic mirror and a cavity mode field can arise due to radiation pressure at arbitrarily high temperatures as the system evolves in time. This is very surprising because it is commonly believed that high temperature completely destroys entanglement."

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