Nondemolition measurement. a) Schematic representation of the qubit excitation pulse (top) and readout pulse (bottom) sequence; b) Probability to detect the oscillator in state h for qubit states; c) Measurement of Rabi oscillations; d) Parameters characterizing measurement errors. Lupascu et al. Nature Physics, 14 January 2007.

Quantum non-demolition measurement of a superconducting two-level system Delft|NTT By minimizing disturbance to the system under investigation, quantum nondemolition measurement (QND) can provide particularly clear signatures of quantum coherence. In Nature Physics and cond-mat 0611505, Lupascu et al. demonstrate nondemolition measurement of superconducting qubits coupled to a nonlinear resonator. "The high correlation between measurement results demonstrates the quantum nondemolition nature of the readout method. The fact that quantum nondemolition measurement is possible for superconducting qubits strengthens the notion that these fabricated mesoscopic systems are to be regarded as fundamental quantum objects. Our results are also relevant for quantum information processing protocols such as state preparation and error correction. " cf. also Kavli Institute announcement in TU Delta (in Dutch).

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