h y p e r s p a c e

Ceud mìle fàilte,

Herewith, I present to you a salient gift: a multisensory talisman of hyperspatial origin, a
living, rheological meme flow of universal exploration—whether you be off dreaming between worlds, or out there transmuting dreams into reality in this one.

As a species, we continue forwards in our collective journey, scaling the cosmic ladder of evolution, progressing onwards and upwards, ever improving, expanding in scope and scale of standardized, objective metrics for suffering, compassion, empathy and pleasure. Crime rates continue to plummet. War is on a downward trend. Civil rights for women, minorities and alternative ways of life are transformed, liberated and recognized for the inherent uniqueness and immeasurable value that they express and impart to our communities, our social structures, and to the world. Applied medicine recursively redoubles in synchronized step with Moore's Law, as lifespan continues on its path to escape velocity.

Life is far less brutish and short than it used to be, persisting in its positive long-term upward climb—despite the inevitable eddies and flows, vortices and localized chaotic fluctuations. We've developed central heating and cooling, running water and plumbing, local and general anesthetics, antibiotics, vegetarian and vat-grown meat. Ligand-targeted gene therapies, next-generation neuroscience, nanoscience and designer pharmacology will soon expand and enhance the myriad array of available options and enhancements, so we may be empowered to paint our personal experiences—and the world around us—in tetrachromat, Technicolor rainbows, rather than the primitive Legos and erector sets of olden days yore. Awareness and empathy endure, prevail and flourish. Phonon-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates, linked in unity across relativistic spans of space and time, bring us new visions of contemporary gravity waves, reconciliation of relativity and quantum mechanics, and disruptive innovations, bound only by imagination, to take us to the stars. Mirror neurons recursively reflect our selves, our friends, our families, our communities, our homes, our whole.

Our understanding of ourselves, and of the world around us, undergoes seismic shifts of revolution after revolution and breakthrough after breakthrough. Matter becomes software. Software becomes mind. Networked computers act in light-speed limited synergistic symphony as quantum game theory yields novel Nash equilibria, transitions and extensions to the classical zero sum games of our fathers, our grandfathers, our ancestors. Our nation-state inheritance, historical dinosaurs and massive behemoths that they are, plod across the landscapes of memespace, reluctant to adapt, nonetheless transformed from within by wave after wave of irresistible cataclysmic social, physical and technological forces of positive revolutions.

As we expand our reach to space and venture outwards to other worlds, Earth comes into view as a destination—no longer limited as a point of origin, and the Overview Effect brings us together in innate recognition of our inherent fragility, unity and responsibility to steward the Earth for ourselves, for our children, and for our children's children. Access to information increases exponentially as cost follows inversely. The Internet allows minds such as our own to connect instantaneously across the globe—to bridge the gap, to share ideas that hold profound and positive potential to radically transform not just our own forward light cone—but to branch out and harness the influence of parallel and analogue instantiations of the Everett wavefunction, to calculate ancient, universal questions in the blink of an eye.

And this is just the beginning. We can scarcely begin to imagine what we will dream of, and bring into existence tomorrow. Wormholes, warp drives and closed timelike curves whisper themselves into being through our imaginations. ER = EPR. Entanglement is wormholes, forming the most fundamental of foundations—making allowance for the formation of spacetime itself. Learning effects across space and time and Everett branches mandate these myriad trends. Life itself is deeply infused with advanced quantum technology, as superposition unfolds through the expansive multiverse—a vast, active, living intelligent quantum learning architecture of untold depth and complexity, an adaptive, responsive, evolutionary genetic algorithm—advancing ever onwards to calculate and optimize the universal utility function across the state space of all possible observers.

As newfound technological tools convey manifold expansion to our most elegant expressions of precision, depth and complexity and we fumble less in our monkey bodies on this recursive upward trajectory, our ability to manifest mind in our local environment grows by leaps and bounds and orders of magnitude. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, and any sufficiently advanced alien race is indistinguishable from God. At the end of our journeys, we will finally come to find that which we were looking for, and we will turn in reflection to find that the footprints we were following in the sand were our very own.

Christopher Altman                                                   

Every valuable human being must be a radical and a rebel—for what he or she must aim at is to make things better than they are. "
 Niels Bohr                                        


  1. Replies
    1. Unconditional Love...this is the key I believe. Love trnscends all things, as cliche s it sounds.. In unity of love, admiration, and cooperation, all things are possible to all people. In a universe of fear, only some things are possible to some people...those in control at the top.

      SO my response...it is unconditional love, from which all other miracles and discoveries will flow...

  2. An invisible arrow of greater complexity that does not succumb to entropy but makes prokaryotes become eukaryotic. In other words information sharing. The direction the arrow has been pointing.

  3. I believe unification is also the important key to life on Earth...all species on this planet work together in unison...all except mankind...if we somehow could rediscovered what our true purpose is, worked together as a individual unit towards this cause...we would find true peace in knowing our reason to be...but to care is the is most important...for ourselves, for those around us, and for all that is life...just a thought....take care and peace always

    1. Shared purpose unifying humanity's will and love for each and every single one of us and all the pleasures, nuances, joys, and boundless realities we each contribute in only the ways we as unique individuals do in our various reactions, interactions, and interpersonal dynamics. All striving constantly to enrich one anothers lives with clarities of truth, knowledge, understandings, and friendly adventures engaging in any and all aspects of life which we are capable of experiencing in any or all of its myriad of realities and variants. To ensure our species not mearly lives, but is also able to live to our utmost potentials and accomplishments personally as individuals as well as together as equals, as well as networked cohesively as any number of individuals forming any size group.
      Expressing unconditonal love to one another knowing that you are I as I am you, and we always have the best interests of all of our collective humanity each and every individual interaction we engage in.
      This collective clarity, unity, and value can begin right now if we all so chose.
      It could begin with the surgeon's precision and collective memories of our combined humanity to end the economic enslavement of all of our humanity buy a few. Ending the pay to live here or suffer ceaselessly in mundane dulling relentlessly active pointless labors. Or it could end creating the understanding that the unlimited endless monetary wheels of enslavement are just as capable of endlessly producing those same funds for any and all purposes we choose such as reaching the stars. The endless expansion would unite us especially as other species continues to let us know how unique and valued we are to one another. Or we could be united to seek out who has been crossing humans and animals. Because there are new species being concieved and created here.. Just how many and if they will be cognizant of us as friendly or mutually capable of sharing this world. Or if that alone is when humanity sees just how precious its existance is when not valued or safe from an aggressive, and ignorant (us or them?) foe.

  4. May David Pearce's Hedonistic Imperative be realized in one at least one branch of our forward light cone, expanding outwards 'cross the multiverse in an inflationary utilitronium shockwave as its rallying birth cry, projecting itself backwards in time through the underlying fabric of the cosmos itself—advanced wave engrams to awaken our intuition, spark our imaginations—and stir our heart's innermost desires. ER = EPR.

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