We are all part of an unfolding evolutionary process over 100 billion galaxies wide, each sharing the light of a trillion shining stars.

Keynote on the Future of Spaceflight, broadcast live to 108 cities around the world.



“For those who have seen the Earth from space—and for the thousands more who soon will—the experience profoundly transforms your perspective. The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us.”    

           – Don Williams 

We dream. It's what makes us who we are. Down to our bones, to the core of our cellular memories, passed down through eons of survival, expansion, exploration and growth. The instinct to build, the drive to seek beyond what we know. It's in our DNA. 

We cross the oceans, we conquer the skies, unyielding, relentless in our pursuit of the farthest frontiers, venturing forth to launch ourselves outwards and find a new home for our descendants among the stars. 

Yesterday's impossible becomes today's greatest achievement—and tomorrow's routine. The heavens beckon, parting open. A new generation of innovators and explorers heeds the call, the invitation to take our species further: not just to visit, but to stay. 
Keynote on the Future of Space Exploration

Carpe futurum.

Christopher Altman


Artificial Quantum Life on the IBM Q Cloud Quantum Computer

Physicists in the QUTIS Quantum Biomimetics and Quantum Artificial Life research group at the Department of Physical Chemistry, University of the Basque Country in Spain have harnessed the unprecedented power of the IBM Q Cloud Quantum Computer—recently made available for public use (IBM makes 20 qubit quantum computing machine available as a cloud service)—to reproduce the hallmark features of Darwinian life and evolution in microscopic quantum systems, proving they can efficiently encode quantum features and biological behaviors that are usually associated with living systems and natural selection.

The fundamental features of evolution captured in the system include interaction between individuals, self-replication, generational adaptation, and heritable mutations conveyed through the transfer of entangled quantum information. The self-replication mechanism employed by the researchers is based on two partial quantum cloning events—an operation that entangles either the genotype or the phenotype with a blank state, and copies a certain expectation value of the original qubit in both of the outcome qubits.
The final ingredient is the interaction between individuals, which conditionally exchange the phenotypes depending on the genotypes. This behavior is achieved via a four-qubit unitary operation, where genotypes and phenotypes play the role of control and target qubits, respectively. The conjunction of these components leads to a minimal but consistent Darwinian quantum scenario.
From the report:

Quantum Artificial Life in an IBM Quantum Computer

We present the first experimental realization of a quantum artificial life algorithm in a quantum computer. The quantum biomimetic protocol encodes tailored quantum behaviors belonging to living systems, namely, self-replication, mutation, interaction between individuals, and death, into the IBM cloud quantum computer. 
In this experiment, entanglement spreads throughout generations of individuals, where genuine quantum information features are inherited through genealogical networks. As a pioneering proof-of-principle, experimental data fits the ideal theoretical model with accuracy.
Thereafter, these and other models of quantum artificial life—for which no classical device may predict its quantum supremacy evolution—can be further explored in novel generations of quantum computers. Quantum biomimetics, quantum machine learning, and quantum artificial intelligence will move forward hand-in-hand through more elaborate levels of quantum complexity.
The researchers foresee a rich field of investigation arising from the confluence of quantum and natural life:
The creation of these quantum living units and their possible applications are expected to have deep implications in the community of quantum simulation and quantum computing in a variety of quantum platforms. All in all, the experiments presented here entail the validation of quantum artificial life in the lab and, in particular, in cloud quantum computers, as that of IBM. 
Still another interesting step would be the development of autonomous quantum devices following the theoretical and experimental results in quantum cellular automata. Our quantum individuals are driven by an adaptation effort along the lines of a quantum Darwinian evolution, which effectively transfer quantum information through generations of larger multiqubit entangled states. We believe that the presented results and vision, both in theory and experiments, should hoist this innovative research line as one of the leading banners in the future of quantum technologies.
The same research group published the report Artificial Life in Quantum Technologies last year:
We develop a quantum information protocol that models the biological behaviors of individuals living in a natural selection scenario. The artificially engineered evolution of the quantum living units shows the fundamental features of life in a common environment, such as self-replication, mutation, interaction of individuals, and death. We propose how to mimic these bio-inspired features in a quantum-mechanical formalism, which allows for an experimental implementation achievable with current quantum platforms. This result paves the way for the realization of artificial life and embodied evolution with quantum technologies.



SolarCoin renewable energy currency was recently featured in

Forbes | Inside a 5,000 Gigawatt Quest To Save The Planet
“Our mission in founding SolarCoin—to accelerate our societal transition from petroleum-dependent, war-scourged, scarcity economics to a renewable-energy based, peaceful, post-scarcity economy—is now shared with Elon Musk.   

SolarCoin is a global reward for renewable solar energy. Instead of being digitally mined, proof of work happens in the physical world. SolarCoin is earned for generating solar electricity: 1 § (SLR) per MWh, or 97,500 terawatt-hours of generation over the next forty years. 

Active in 32 countries, the initiative launched in a worldwide press conference at MIT Media Lab in February 2016. We're working in close partnership with scientists and researchers at NASA, MIT, Xerox PARC, Google, the US national laboratories and other leading labs, expanding rapidly worldwide, to low-Earth orbit―and beyond. 

As the “SETI of solar,” with more than seven million real-time solar monitoring stations around the globe, set to grow to more than 200M over the next decade, SolarCoin is the world’s lowest carbon currency—the largest environmental monitoring experiment—and the largest private renewable energy project in the world.
SolarCoin launched in a worldwide press conference at MIT in February 2016, since working in partnership with scientists and researchers from NASA, MIT, Xerox PARC, Google, the US national laboratories and other leading labs, expanding rapidly worldwide, to low-Earth orbit―and beyond.” 
      – Christopher Altman, Cofounder and Chief Scientist


State of the Union –  Live Two-Hour Radio Interview

“We’re off to a fine start with our guests for our two-hour live radio interview this week: NASA-trained quantum astronaut Christopher Altman (vitae) and his muse, Kate Kie Russell—a serendipity spark, technology catalyst, long-term strategic planning, conference and events coordinator, professional model, DJ, host and emcee. Kate is fluent in Japanese, and a talented icebreaker into the vast, unexplored terrain of “Deep Future” thinking.”

“On this show we explore such erudite topics as breakthroughs in quantum entanglement and teleportation, CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, artificial intelligence and Elon Musk's Open AI initiative, magnetic thorium nuclear plasma drives, warp drives and wormholes for deep space exploration, the Tau Zero Foundation and pioneering interstellar flight, multidisciplinary research institute Starlab | Deep Future, time travel and retrocausality, Pentagon field operations for the next generation of government leadership in the post-scarcity economy, outer space and inner space—and a myriad of other future trends. Christopher is working in each of these areas to transition them from deep future to present-day. – Enjoy!”