Post Quantum Cryptography PQCrypto2006 Via the Pontiff – The European Network of Excellence for Cryptology (ECRYPT) and its Asymmetric Techniques Virtual Lab (AZTEC) examine the future of cryptography in the quantum computer era: "Will large quantum computers be built? If so, what will they do to the cryptographic landscape? Anyone who can build a large quantum computer can break today's most popular public-key cryptosystems: e.g., RSA, DSA, and ECDSA. But there are several other cryptosystems that are conjectured to resist quantum computers: e.g., the Diffie-Lamport-Merkle signature system, the NTRU encryption system, the McEliece encryption system, and the HFE signature system. Exactly which of these systems are secure? How efficient are they, in theory and in practice? PQCrypto 2006, the International Workshop on Post-Quantum Cryptography, will look ahead to a possible future of quantum computers, and will begin preparing the cryptographic world for that future."

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