Quantum coherent oscillations in a charge qubit Y. Nakamura, Yu.A. Pashkin, and J.S. Tsai. Nature, 398:786, 1999.

Tunable coupling scheme for flux qubits CREST-JST Niskanen, Nakamura and Tsai introduce a design for tunably coupling two flux qubits via a third high-frequency qubit, allowing the qubits to remain optimally-biased and shielded from harmful low-frequency flux noise. "The presented scheme is an experimentally realistic way of carrying out two-qubit gates, and should be easily extended to multiqubit systems."

Quantum phase slip junctions Kavli Institute Delft Quantum phase slip is the exact dual to Cooper pair tunneling in the Josephson junction. In cond-mat 0511535, Mooij and Nazarov propose coherent quantum phase slip junctions. If experimentally verified, these junctions could yield applications as resonators or in fundamental current standards.

Scalable controlled gate operations KU In a recent submission to Physical Review A, Han and Yang present a novel approach to realize scalable, controlled-U gate operations with superconducting qubits coupled to a microwave cavity or in atomic qubits within cavity QED. "The method operates essentially by creating a single photon through one of the control SQUIDs, and then performing an arbitrary unitary transformation on the target SQUID with the assistance of the cavity photon."

Decoherence and quantum measurement of Josephson qubits Stony Brook Doctoral dissertation, Kristian Rabenstein

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