Symposium for Hans Mooij Kavli|Delft "We see no fundamental reason why superconducting quantum computers cannot be developed into large-scale systems – though, perhaps before then, other applications will also emerge that are much more interesting ..." On Friday, 20th October 2006 the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience and Delft University of Technology orchestrated a symposium, "The Best of Nanoscience," for Hans Mooij in honor of his attainment of emeritus professor. A program of special guests including Michael Tinkham, David Auston, David DiVincenzo, Seth Lloyd, Yasunobu Nakamura, Hideaki Takeyanagi, John Clarke, Carlo Beenakker, Paul McEuen, Göran Wendin and many other distinguished visitors convened to celebrate Hans's past accomplishments and to highlight future research milestones, followed by a formal reception in honor of the occasion. cf. links to Quantum Transport party committee, TU Delft announcement, featured interview in ∫ Delft Integraal.

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