Workshop on Neuromorphic Computing DSO As profiled in Wired and BAA SN08-16, DSO is hosting a workshop on neuromorphic adaptive plastic scalable electronics to be held on 04 March, 2008. "Briefly, the vision for the anticipated DARPA SyNAPSE program is to enable electronic neuromorphic machine technology that is scalable to biological levels. As compared to biological systems, today’s intelligent machines are less efficient by a factor of one million to one billion in real world, complex environments. The key to achieving the vision of the SyNAPSE program will be an unprecedented multidisciplinary approach that can coordinate aggressive technology development activities in the following SyNAPSE areas: 1) hardware; 2) architecture; 3) simulation; and 4) environment. Hardware includes neuromorphic electronics with novel, high density, plastic, synaptic components; architecture includes neuromorphic design from microcircuit to complete system; simulation includes large-scale digital simulation of neuromorphic circuits and functional neuromorphic systems; and environment includes virtual training, testing and benchmarking for neuromorphic systems realized in hardware or simulation. "

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