From Qubits to Black Holes Technion | Macquarie University "Asher Peres (1934-2005), was an Israeli scientist who is widely considered to be one of the pioneering founders of quantum information science. A student of Nathan Rosen, (the “R” of EPR), Asher codiscovered quantum teleportation, a time-reversal test for quantum entanglement, and published numerous works on the foundations of quantum science. His research legacy continues through his many research collaborators, students, textbooks and research papers."

The Technion (Israel), and Macquarie University (Australia), will host the inaugural Asher Peres International Physics School 2008, for senior undergraduates and junior postgraduates in a series of lectures ranging from quantum mechanics, theory and experiments, through to quantum gravity. Held over five days, from November 17-22 (2008), in the historic environs at Chowder Bay on Sydney Harbor, the School will feature lectures from leading scientists from around the world, including Sir Peter Knight, Artur Ekert, Christian Kurtsiefer, Chris Fuchs, Bei Lok Hu, Jason Twamley, Daniel Terno, Gavin Brennen, Alexei Gilchrist, James Rabeau, and James Cresser.

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