Convergence08  Mountain View  " From 15-16 November 2008 – the world's most dangerous ideas will collide in Mountain View, California. Convergence08 examines the world-changing possibilities of nanotechnology and the life-changing promises of biotechnology. It is the premier forum for debate and exploration of cognitive technology ethics – and ground zero of the past and future information technology revolution. Convergence08 is an innovative, lively 'unconference– the first and only unclassified forum dedicated solely to the convergence of NBIC – nano-, bio-, information and cognitive – technology developments.

As my own UNISCA First Committee chair report to the General Assembly – "Converging Technologies: The Future of the Global Information Society" – focused specifically upon these long-term technological and cultural challenges, which we will have to confront both as a society and as a species – I have high hopes that this meeting will provide a stimulating, and unparalleled, open venue for exploration of novel ideas, discussion of alternative paradigms, and fertile grounds for brainstorming original, innovative solutions. My congratulations to the initiative of the conference organizers. I look forward to reporting back upon conclusion of the conference, as there has been an open conference wiki set up at the conference website to contribute novel ideas to the discussion.

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