Entanglement made Visible Genève In arXiv 0902.2896 and arXivblog summary, Gisin et al. show that macroscopic entanglement – and Bell inequality violations – can be made directly visible to the human retina. "We have shown that quantum experiments with human eyes as detectors appear possible, based on a realistic model of the eye as a photon detector. Entanglement, in principle, can be seen."

The Case for a National Investment: A Policy Essay for the Obama Transition Office In a recent CCC white paper, Aaronson and Bacon present the case for quantum computing as a national mandate. "First, quantum computing must be considered a national security issue. Since quantum computers break the codes used ubiquitously to protect transactions over the Internet, any country obtaining a scalable quantum computer would have the ability to disrupt electronic communication. Second, quantum information science research will help to maintain the US's scientific and technological advantages. Third, quantum computing is the study of the fundamental limits of computing and, as such, offers the potential to revolutionize our understanding of computation itself."

Pentagon explores quantum biology DARPA/DSO has launched a research initiative to investigate quantum mechanical effects in biological systems [initial Wired announcement, Sep. 2008]. "Scientists have recently discovered that quantum energy transfers allow plants and cynobacteria to convert sunlight into chemical energy nearly instantly, and with almost 100 percent efficiency. As energy passes between molecules involved in photosynthesis, a newly-observed 'wavelike characteristic' allows the energy to 'simultaneously sample all the potential energy pathways and choose the most efficient one.' DARPA says there are other biological examples of quantum effects — including an explanation, perhaps, for how birds are able to navigate along the Earth's magnetic fields."

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