Josephson junction neurons via physicsandcake Suzanne Gildert offers insights on a recent Phys. Rev. E preprint that proposes to model biologically realistic neurons using Josephson junction arrays. "These 'Josephson junction neurons' reproduce many characteristic behaviors of biological neurons such as action potentials, refractory periods, and firing thresholds, [and] would be orders of magnitude faster than both traditional computer simulations and biological neural networks." See also Quantum neural networks, backpropagation training, adaptive quantum networks.

Quantum Information ScienceDARPA's New Frontier Collins offers this executive-level report on quantum information research at DARPA. "It's been almost a half-century since Intel founder Gordon Moore first observed that ever-shrinking circuitry on silicon chips leads to the doubling of the performance of these chips every 18 months or so. This has been instrumental in bringing rapid progress to the field of information processing. The era of Moore’s Law has been an interesting one, to say the least, but it is nearing its end: Within less than two decades, circuits will have shrunk to the atomic level."

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