Google Workshop on Quantum Biology "Surprisingly robust quantum effects have been observed in warm biological systems. At the same time, quantum information technology has moved closer to physical realization. This Workshop on Quantum Biology will examine the significance of mesoscopic quantum coherence, tunneling and entanglement in biomolecular membranes, proteins, DNA and cytoskeleton, with particular attention to recently discovered megahertz ballistic conductance in microtubules. Potential utilization of biomolecular quantum information in regulation of cellular activities will be addressed, along with implications for disease and therapy as well as the future development of quantum computation and artificial intelligence.List of Speakers includes Alán Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard), Anirban Bandyopadhyay (Tsukuba), Stuart Hameroff (Tucson), Masoud Mohseni (MIT), Hartmut Neven (Google), Jiří Pokorný (Czech Republic), Elisabeth Rieper (Singapore), Mohan Sarova (Berkeley), Jack Tuszynski (Alberta), and Luca Turin (MIT)
– Quantum Biology · Agenda · Abstracts · Biographies

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