Testing Bell's inequality in a capacitively coupled Josephson circuit L.F. Wei, Yu-xi Liu, Franco Nori quant-ph 0408089 "Bell's inequalities have been experimentally tested by using, e.g., far apart photons and very-closely-spaced trapped ions. Here, we propose a way to test Bell's inequality with a pair of capacitively Josephson qubits; these coupled-qubits exhibit macroscopic quantum entanglement as demonstrated by recent spectral-analysis experiments [Nature 421, 823 (2003); Science 300, 1548 (2003)]. We propose an effective dynamical decoupling approach to overcome the "fixed-interaction" difficulty for implementing the required single-qubit operations. The obtained long-lived entanglement and realizable simultaneous measurements of the two qubits should allow the testing of Bell's inequality using this coupled Josephson circuit."

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