Transfer of Nonclassical Properties from Microscopic Superpositions to Macroscopic Thermal States H. Jeong ,T.C. Ralph

Abstract quant-ph 0410210 "We have studied a more reasonable analogy of Schrodinger’s cat paradox where the virtual cat is a significantly mixed thermal state. Our discussion was motivated by the observation that a truly classical system cannot be in a pure quantum state. We have found that non-classical properties of microscopic quantum superpositions can be transferred to thermal states of large average photon numbers. The resulting states show strong quantum coherence and entanglement between severely mixed thermal states. Our examples are feasible in real physical systems and may be realized for some moderate cases using current technology. Finally, it will be an interesting future work to explore the possibility of quantum information processing using the thermal-state “superpositions” and entanglement studied in this paper."

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