Measurement Based Quantum Computation Vienna In Nature 434, Walther et al. report on the first experimental demonstration of Grover's search via one-way quantum computing on entangled photons. Following initialization of a highly-entangled 'cluster state,' irreversible single-qubit measurements are performed in a feedforward process that determines the output of the system. Raussendorf and Briegel's original paper is available via quant-ph 0010033.

AIST Quantum Cryptography Research Tokyo ATIP QUIST reports that AIST, the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, is establishing a national research center in quantum cryptography and communications this spring under direction of Hideki Imai, University of Tokyo. "Hiroyuki Yoshikawa, Director of AIST, is aiming to establish world-class technology which will contribute to establishing global standards for cryptography technology and procedures for its evaluation."

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