Local Extraction of EPR Entanglement from Classical Systems Leeds|NUS Kaszlikowski and Vedral outline a novel method of entanglement extraction using independent probes that locally interact with two subsets of a macroscopic system. "Coherent states with large amplitudes are traditionally thought of as the best quantum mechanical approximation of classical behavior. Here we argue that, far from being classical, coherent states are in fact highly entangled. We demonstrate this by showing that a general system of indistinguishable bosons in a coherent state can be used to entangle, by local interactions, two spatially separated and distinguishable non-interacting quantum systems. Entanglement can also be extracted in the same way from number states or any other nontrivial superpositions of them [...] It may well be that nature already uses a phonon-to-electron entanglement transfer scheme similar to this to achieve some sort of coherent macroscopic behavior."

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