Entanglement Extraction Leeds Cunha and Vedral review how to obtain spin entangled pairs of fermions from a Fermi gas, outlining the relevant experimental parameters. The experiment can be as "a possible new source of entangled particles; and as a foundational interesting step – testing novel properties of fundamental constituents of matter."

Single-atom Macroscopic Entanglement Resource Texas A&M "We discuss the generation of a macroscopic entangled state in a single atom cavity-QED system. The three-level atom in a cascade configuration interacts dispersively with two classical coherent fields inside a doubly resonant cavity. We show that a macroscopic entangled state between these two cavity modes can be generated under large detuning conditions. The entanglement persists even under the presence of cavity losses."

Nonstatistical Weak Measurements GMU|USC Tollaksen and Aharonov report on nondestructive weak measurement protocols and their application under empirical conditions.

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