High-speed linear optics quantum computing using active feed-forward measurement Vienna In Nature 445, 65-69 and concurrent press summary, Zeilinger's group reports experimental demonstration of feedforward error correction via one-way, highly-entangled cluster states in linear optics. "With present technology, the individual computational step can be operated in less than 150 ns using electro-optical modulators. This is an important result for the future development of one-way quantum computers, whose large-scale implementation will depend on advances in the production and detection of the required highly entangled cluster states."

Retrocausal Signaling UW Via the PontiffJohn Cramer recently conducted a UW seminar outlining recent progress on his plans for an experimental test of retrocausal signaling using entangled photon pairs, notwithstanding Eberhard's theorem. The planned experiment draws upon the thesis of Birgit Dopfer (Zeilinger group, Universität Wien), Wheeler-Feynman theory and Cramer's own transactional interpretation. Concurrent press summary and diagram of the setup are available via SF Gate. cf. also Cramer's online summary of the proposed experiment, Jensen gedanken, double-slit and delayed choice quantum eraser experiments (refs: serafino).

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