National Workshop on Quantum Information Science OSTP|NTSC Via John Preskill, Dave Bacon, Ian Durham and Scott AaronsonNSTC has announced a workshop in response to the recent Federal Vision for Quantum Information Science: "In January 2009, the United States National Science and Technology Council issued the report A Federal Vision for Quantum Information Science. The report proposes that
“The United States … create a scientific foundation for controlling, manipulating, and exploiting the behavior of quantum matter, and for identifying the physical, mathematical, and computational capabilities and limitations of quantum information processing systems in order to build a knowledge base for this 21st century technology.”
This Workshop on Quantum Information Science (QIS) has been organized in response to the NSTC report. It brings together leading theorists and experimenters drawn from physical science, computer science, mathematics, and engineering who will assess recent progress in QIS and identify major goals and challenges for future research."

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