Multi-Qubit Quantum Coherent Operations College Park "The purpose of this meeting is to identify – on a technology-specific basis – the primary difficulties that are likely to be encountered as qubit systems beyond typical current experiments with one, two, or three qubits are pursued. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: controllable qubit interactions, miniaturization and integration to increase qubit density, new physics arising from the assembly of many-qubit systems, and process and state validation for larger systems. The workshop aims to address the following questions:

Given a particular qubit technology that has already demonstrated full single qubit control, what are the challenges facing this system as it grows into the multiple qubit regime? In a system with multiple qubits, what will be the mechanism(s) through which these qubits interact? How can these interactions be well enough controlled to achieve reliable, scalable logic gates? Do they contribute to decoherent processes?

What new physics must be taken into account for the benefit of, or hindrance to, many qubit operations? Are there any fundamental results that will inform the community of possible roadblocks that may be encountered when growing systems to the multiple qubit regime?

How can cross-talk from the control/readout channel for one qubit, to a bystander qubit, be reduced to a satisfactory level? What are the specific technologies required to ensure that a robust multi-qubit information processing system can be realized?

As systems grow larger, quantum state and, and even more so, process tomography will become impractical. What other measures will be effective for validating the operations of these systems?"

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