Full Protection of Superconducting Qubit Systems from Coupling Errors Munchen, Berkeley quant-ph/0407780 "Solid state qubits realized in superconducting circuits are potentially extremely scalable. However, strong decoherence may be transferred to the qubits by various elements of the circuits that couple individual qubits [...] We propose here an encoding that provides full protection against errors originating from these coupling elements ..."

Asymmetry and Decoherence in a Double-layer Persistent-current Qubit Kavli Institute Delft cond-mat/0405272 "We discuss a superconducting flux qubit design that exploits the symmetries of a circuit to protect the qubit from unwanted coupling to the noisy environment [...] Possibilities for prolonging the relaxation and decoherence times of the studied superconducting qubit are proposed on the basis of the obtained results."

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