Quantum-Classical Interface Sussex, Liverpool In cond-mat/0505390, Mark Everitt et al. explore nonlinear interaction of a quantum mechanical SQUID ring with its environment. Potential applications include large frequency ratio down-conversion between electromagnetic fields, such as in classical THz communications technologies. "With the now very serious interest being taken in the possibilities of creating quantum technologies such as quantum information processing and quantum computing, much attention is being focused on the application of Josephson effect devices, particularly the SQUID ring. The highly non-perturbative nature of the SQUID ring in the quantum regime means that the ring-environment interaction can be very non-linear, and may lead to unexpected results ..."

Entanglement Extraction from a Solid NEST-INFM, Leeds, Vienna quant-ph/0505107 "It has been a common belief that entanglement cannot exist on a macroscopic scale. This is because decoherence effects from many-particle interaction would destroy all quantum correlations. However, it has been predicted that macroscopic entanglement can exist in solids in the thermodynamical limit – even at high temperature – and it is related to critical phenomena. Here we propose an experimental setup to demonstrate entanglement extraction with present-day technology using optical lattices. This demonstrates that entanglement not only exists in solids, but can even be used for quantum information processing or to violate Bell’s inequalities ..."

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