An n-qubit controlled phase gate with resonator-coupled SQUIDs U Kansas In quant-ph/0504188, Siyuan Han and Chui-Ping Yang propose a novel method to realize multiqubit controlled phase gates with SQUIDs. The scheme "operates essentially by exchanging a single photon between the controlled SQUIDs and the resonator mode before and after a phase shift performed on the target SQUID."

Transport of atoms in a quantum conveyor belt NIST Gaithersburg cond-mat/0504606 "An atomic-gas Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) is a coherent source of matter waves – a collection of atoms, all in the same state, with an extremely narrow momentum spread ... We can easily control the velocity and acceleration of the atomic lattice structure as well as its strength, making it a variable 'quantum conveyor belt.' This allows us to explore situations that are difficult or impossible to achieve in solid state systems. The results are often remarkable and counterintuitive."

Signatures of quantum behavior in single-qubit weak measurements Penn State, UC Riverside quant-ph/0505094 "With the recent surge of interest in quantum computation, it has become very important to develop clear experimental tests for 'quantum behavior' in a system. This issue has been addressed in the past in the form of the inequalities due to Bell and those due to Leggett and Garg. These inequalities concern the results of ideal projective measurements, however, which are experimentally difficult to perform in many proposed qubit designs ... Here, we show that weak continuous measurements, which are often practical to implement experimentally, can yield particularly clear signatures of quantum coherence ..."

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