arXiv Notables quant-ph Notable submissions to the arXiv this month include a comprehensive overview of solid-state qubits by Esteve and Vion [0505676], two papers by Nori et al. on macroscopic cat states [0506011] and testing Bell inequalities in Josephson qubits [0408089], Wilhelm and Kack present an efficient readout scheme for flux qubits at the degeneracy point [0505537], Greenberger and Svozil derive a quantum information theoretic analysis of time travel [0506027], Wiesniak, Vedral and Brukner on macroscopic entanglement measures [0503037], Brassard et al. on quantum game theory and pseudo-telepathy [0408052], and a novel quantum storage and information transfer method in superconducting qubits by Wang et al. [0506144].

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